Representative Democracy is what we have now. This is where we vote for people to "represent us" instead of us directly having our own say.


Direct Democracy is where the people speak for themselves without politicians "representing them".


Politicians are the representatives we have in council and government. We question their role in the modern world's public decision making process.


We have set up a forum to discuss New Zealand and Global Democracy issues plus the Implementation of Direct Democracy and decisions to be made about how best to do that.

Also there’s our Posts and ways to help each other out in our communities. Its just building, so climb in and see what we have plus add your own input.

Whats the vision then?

Setting up proper Direct Democracy would change the way many public decisions in New Zealand were made.

It was time to begin the process of true democracy in New Zealand. Things had gotten far too far out of control back in 2021/23. New Zealanders had never experienced true democracy ever, especially not like we know now and they were blindsided by a massive authoritarian hit during those years. Others talked loosely at that time about democracy, some even whispered about Direct Democracy but they really only meant Representative Democracy since that's all New Zealand had ever known and it took a while for people to understand what democracy meant. But the DDNZ concept of Direct Democracy was completely different to what people had known. We needed the tools for people to use rise back and take responsibility for our nation, taking absolute control from authoritarian government controllers and implementing ways for the country to run itself through collaboration and empowerment.. encouraging tolerance of differing views instead of through divisive political manipulation to win votes and attention. DDNZ model began as a hybrid model, with Liquid Democracy and proxies as well as self representation.... while people danced between absolute democracy and absolute representation. Knowing everything about a given subject was hard going, and Liquid Democracy meant they could be empowered but still trust another entity to act on their behalf. DDNZ had the tools and the ideas to actually achieve democracy and that empowered the people to be in charge of their own destiny. It took a while for people to realise their own power and their natural rights and to learn to think critically and from different points of view, understanding that there is no "one source of truth". They realised that their own view was just fine and together we learned to understand that the views of the entire population were much more solid collectively than the views of a few tyrants at the top. Many thinking kiwis (year 2030)